We are fully trained, certified and insured

HD&D Excavating believes safety is paramount. A safe workplace is a productive workplace. We provide our employees with up-to-date training and professional certifications to ensure a safe and efficient work site. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced operators and drivers. HD&D Excavating has an extensive safety program and holds a Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition as well as in good standing with ISNetworld and Complyworks.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

When transporting dangerous goods or services, we ensure that all precautions and safe work practice

procedures are followed or exceeded.

Partnered with Rapid Response

Being partnered with Rapid Response, teams will mobilize immediately to contain the site, assess the damage providing response to all chemical classes with technical support, and develop an action plan to safely mitigate and dispose of hazardous materials impacting the Public, Equipment, and Environment. All HD&D Excavating employees are certified in Hazardous Materials Awareness and Basic Spill Training.